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AWSOM Pixgallery 4.5.4 To Be Released Soon

May 13th, 2008 by harknell

I wanted to let everyone know that the newest point release for AWSOM Pixgallery should be available this week. I’m doing some testing and hoping to squeeze in one or 2 more things before I release it. Right now it has a “fix” for the thumbnail pagination system to allow admins to limit the number of pages that are displayed (for those of you with huge multi-page galleries), support for 3rd party image plugins (like Lightbox, etc) that disables the built in system and easily adopts the new one (also good for those times that other plugins conflict with Pixgallery’s javascript), plus a new Image view tracking system that can display the number of times each image has been viewed (or not, but the admin can still see this info), and some more fixes and add ons.

So look for the release soon.

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