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How To Write Better Post Tiles

Lorelle always offers a ton of good blogging advice over at her blog at lorelle.wordpress.com, but she’s particularly spot on with her advice on Post Titles. One of the best ways to really get people interested in your posts is if they have a really good reason to read the post in the first place, and a good title is that first selling point. In addition, search engines also tend to use the title a bit more in determining what content to deliver in a search, so a really great article with a terrible title will probably be lower in a Google search than a crappier but better titled article. Go check out her full article to get more advice on this.


  1. Thanks. Good titles aren’t just about PageRank and Google. They are about inviting people to click and read. Even your subscribers. If they don’t know what you are writing about, how can they care what you write?

    Thanks for sharing my tips with your readers!

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