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Further Information For Windows IIS users and Pixgallery

January 28th, 2008 by harknell

After more extensive investigation it appears that Windows IIS users who are utilizing WordPress and Pretty Permalinks might need to consult the following webpage for information on a fix that is needed to fully support this Apache feature:
It appears that the use of certain standard Server variables is not followed under the standard install of Apache on Windows IIS, which causes issues when mod_rewrite (that which allows the Pretty Permalinks to exist) is utilized. This has lead to some issues using my AWSOM Pixgallery plugin on IIS servers with Pretty Permalinks enabled. I can’t guarantee that the information on actions described on the above website will correct all issues when using AWSOM Pixgallery on these types of set ups, but it’s probably most of the reason why the issues are occurring. I’ll try to see if there is anything I can do from the plugin side of things, but incorrect information at the server level makes it very difficult to compensate for this issue.

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