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WordPress 2.5 coming soon, get ready

WordPress 2.5 should be released soon (it was actually scheduled to be out already, but has been slightly delayed), so it’s time to get ready for upgrading. One major change to expect is the admin menu system in WordPress is getting a major overhaul. The direct result may be issues with how some plugins display their admin area pages. I believe that my plugins should be most unaffected, but since they are still making changes to the final look and feel, I won’t know until the release if I have to make any updates to the AWSOM series. If so I will try to get the corrected versions out as soon as possible after the release of 2.5.

As is typical with most WordPress upgrades, disable all of your plugins and switch to the default theme before doing the upgrade. Then turn on your plugins and theme one at a time and confirm they still work properly. With a major release there is a greater than average chance that older plugins will break–so I suggest doing this process slowly and really checking around your site after turning on each plugin and theme.

If you notice any issues with my plugins PLEASE send me an email or use my contact form as soon as possible so I can get things working again. Thanks.


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