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AWSOM Pixgallery Beta 2 now available

March 11th, 2010 by harknell

I’ve uploaded a new beta version of AWSOM Pixgallery version 4.6.0 that can be downloaded here. This version of the plugin adds in the new custom language capability. By editing the pixgallery_lang.php file you can change the display of all of the nav elements of the plugin. Additionally you can place a copy of this file into a new folder called custom_language so that updates to the plugin do not erase any of your changes.

I also made a small bug fix to correct an issue where the next/previous archive nav elements did not appear in the proper place, and they now follow the option for “extra nav bars” and appear at the bottom of the thumbnail gallery if this option is turned on in Pixgallery settings.

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2 Responses to “AWSOM Pixgallery Beta 2 now available”

  1. How does it work now? Is it good enough to use on my site or should i wait? :)

  2. harknell says:

    Hi Kenneth,
    I’m reasonably sure that the plugin will work fine. All that’s currently happening is I’m adding small new features and finalizing a few other ideas. You could upgrade to the beta right now and then do the full upgrade when the release happens.