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AWSOM Pixgallery updated to 4.6.1

Hi everyone,
AWSOM Pixgallery has been updated to version 4.6.1. and is available for download from the Pixgallery product page. This version changes the behavior of the “remove text under thumbnails” setting to display the names of folders, but not show names under the images. (this was a big requested change). It also makes a change so that showing the breadcrumb is the default setting in Pixgallery options (this was mistakenly set the opposite way in the previous release).


  1. So,I tried to join the forum, but no matter how many times I requested the activation letter, it never came. So…

    If I could just get it working, I’d probably praise the plugin, but until then…

    Initially I only saw the image place holders when I set up my test gallery, then after the reading the forum I tried:

    1. removing the leading slash – no go
    2. same settings as above – removing the trailing slash – no go
    3. same settings as above – uploads folder was changed to 777 – no go
    4. same settings as above – changed gallery effect from lightbox to floating window – no go
    5. same settings as above – enabling absolute linking – yes… sort of

    Now the issue is what happens when the thumbnail is clicked: Page not found.

    Here are the image URLs:

    before absolute linking:

    after absolute linking:

    should be:

    This bit is the problem: /qwerqshoppe/index.php/sketchbook

    Sketchbook is a page, not a folder and the 2nd qwerqshoppe folder and index.php don’t exist.

    I tried playing with the slashes again, but no go.

    How can I correct the path?

    Also, I am on Yahoo! hosting which as far as I can gather uses BSD UNIX; do you think this could be part of the issue?

    Also, after more reading, I deactivated my Customizable Permalinks plugin, but then the page didn’t show up at all. Too many redirects so the page would never resolve correctly. So I activated it again.

    PixGallery 4.6.1
    WordPress 3.0.4

    • This issue typically is related to either your permalink setting or your URL setting. Can you post your setting entries for those here, or submit them through the contact form.

      • I should have paid closer attention to the trend of where things were being posted and put this in the FAQ comments. I’ve sent the settings via the contact form. I hope I supplied what you requested.


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