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Seriously, Pixgallery 4.6.0 is being developed

February 9th, 2010 by harknell

I’m deep into the next version of AWSOM PIxgallery development, so I can let you guys know a few details on it so far.
One major fix will be the ability to turn off scanning of Posts. This will fix some reported issues where ad plugins or other image elements cause your site to load slowly with Pixgallery active.
Another major update will be for the “theme” system in Pixgallery. You’ll finally be able to dictate the displayed parts of the gallery (breadcrumb, caption, image name, etc.) as well as alter the language of the interface.
So yes, it’s on the way finally. I might post a few betas along the way. Details will be coming soon.

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4 Responses to “Seriously, Pixgallery 4.6.0 is being developed”

  1. Sounds really good..looking forward to this one :) will the (folder) be removed for the gallery name on the new version?

    • harknell says:

      Hi, yes, that will be part of it. You’ll be able to determine what (if anything) gets said for that label.

  2. Sounds very good…looking forward to try it :) any date yet?

  3. harknell says:

    I don’t have a definite date yet. I might have to release it in iterations. I’m still working out how the theme system will work. I’d like it to be able to be set in the database or a file, but I need to get that straight.

    Many other things are going on also, but I’m going to try to get this done ASAP.