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Welcome to the ever expanding list of Plugins and Mods created and hosted at AWSOM.org. To get support or to discuss these files please go to our AWSOM support forum area at Harknell.com. We currently have the following files available: (click the file name to see their full description and download page)

WordPress Plugins

AWSOM Pixgallery: This plugin for WordPress is designed to be an easy to set up and maintain image gallery for art and web comic websites. It features a full range of Sorting and Display options, Captioning, ComicPress support, Automatic Watermarking, Drop and Go functionality, Easy Install and Setup, and other options designed specifically for usage as an image archive for artist and webcomic sites.

AWSOM News Announcement: This plugin for WordPress is designed to add an easy to update News Announcement area above your regular news posts or in a custom location. By default you only need to activate the plugin to gain the ability to inform your readers of news or happenings, all in a way that can’t be easily missed. Alternately you can use it as a permanent intro to your site that will appear above all of your posts pages. It supports the WordPress Visual Editor, can run PHP code (so many video/audio and other plugins can be easily added to your blog), each news post can be selectively displayed to different viewer levels or only to non-registered visitors, and is quickly updated from the index page by clicking an “edit news post” link.

AWSOM Archive (formerly called AWSOM Drop Down Archive): The AWSOM Archive is a plugin that displays a drop down archive of your posts, or any other regular posts archive type, above your posts on your index and individual posts pages. You can also add it to any post or page by using the code %%awsomarchive%% thereby adding an archive anywhere you want it. Users can simply select a post from the list and they will immediately be sent to that post on your site. In it’s default placement the plugin requires no editing to your theme files to work, simply put it in your Plugin folder and activate it for the archive to appear. This is great for Webcomic sites using the ComicPress theme, and replicates what comic sites like Megatokyo have in place.

AWSOM Uninstaller: This special plugin is designed to help you fully remove any AWSOM plugin from your WordPress website. Upload this plugin to your WordPress plugins folder, activate it, then choose which plugin you want to remove from the WordPress database. Afterward simply deactivate and delete the plugin from your plugins folder.

PhpBB Forum Mods

Expire Unactivated Users Mod: This mod for the Phpbb forum system is designed to help cut down on the number of spammer registrations to your forum. Most spammer user registrations are placed only to get links into your memberlist back to their spam websites. Typically they never bother to actually follow up and activate their accounts. This mod adds an admin user area that allows you to manually mass delete these spammer accounts based on different timeframes, or to set up an entirely automated system to do it for you.

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