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AWSOM Archive Plugin updated to 1.2.2

The AWSOM Archive plugin for WordPress (formerly called the AWSOM Drop Down Archive) has been updated to version 1.2.2 and is available for download from it’s product page at AWSOM.org. This is a minor update which fixes an admin area typo and add in full XHTML compliance.


  1. Hmm, is there an issue with it working right for you? It should actually work properly with all browsers (I’ve tested it with IE 6 and 7–though the XP version of 7– and Firefox and Opera.

    I don’t have a copy of Vista to test on, but I’ll definitely look into it if you are having issues.

    Does the plugin work in any other browser you’ve tried? What’s your website so I can look at it and see what’s not working (is it the one in your proifile)?

  2. I just did a check on your site and it looks like there could be a Javascript collision occurring. I’m not sure why though. I’ll look into the issue.

  3. I cannot seem to get the 1.2.2 version to work (WP 2.1). I have activated it and have not seen a change nor do I know about any code or settings that might be required to see any signs of life.

    Please advise.


  4. Once you activate the Plugin it will normally display an archive on your index page above your posts area. You can alter this by going to the options page for AWSOM Archive and setting it to use on custom locations. If you do that you’ll need to input the following code inside a post or page to get the archive to appear: %%awsomarchive%% If you want the archive to appear directly in a theme file you need to add the code: <?php if (function_exists(‘display_my_awsom_archive_custom’)) { display_my_awsom_archive_custom() } ?>

    In the file where you want it to appear.

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