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Test File for AWSOM Pixgallery “index.php” permalinks issue now available

Hi everyone, if you haven’t been visiting Harknell.com recently you might not be aware that I’ve been working on a fix for a weird Fancy Permalink issue that causes “index.php” to be added to some people’s AWSOM Pixgallery galleries. This then totally screws up the links to the actual single image page causing 404 errors. I believe I have a fix for this issue, as well as a fix for the Visual Editor problem (where it doesn’t correctly populate the variable names for the tools). So far it has corrected the issue for one person, but I’d appreciate if anyone else is seeing this issue if they could go here: http://www.awsom.org/filerepository/awsompixgalleryabsolutefix2.zip and grab the test file and try this out. You may need to also set the option for “absolute linking” to yes in the Pixgallery options/settings page for the fix to work, but try it without that first. I’d really appreciate it if after trying this out please email me and let me know if it worked (or even more importantly) didn’t work to solve the problem.

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