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Pixgallery 4.7.0 Upcoming Features

I just wanted to post that I’m working on version 4.7.0 of AWSOM Pixgallery, and give preview of some of it’s features. The biggest new feature will be the inclusion of Gallery RSS feeds. Each level of your gallery (i.e. each folder with images) will have it’s own RSS feed. You can set how many items will be in the feed (globally) as well as if the images will appear directly in the feed (for people who like Photo feeds), and if the RSS links directly to the image–or gets shown as a page in WordPress.

I’m also working to add some SEO friendly additions to the mix, such as adding the Image/Gallery you are viewing into the title of the WordPress page, as well as the tags into meta keywords. I’ve also fixed a few bugs, and am hoping to pop a few other features in as well. already has the RSS feed stuff running, so if you want a preview of things go to this page to see it in action.

AWSOM Pixgallery updated to 4.6.2

AWSOM Pixgallery has been updated and is now available for download from it’s product page, and will also soon be available from the WordPress auto-upgrade system. This version has a small bug fix for a possible Cross Site Scripting issue (thank you for the bug submission P. Thomas!). It is definitely suggested that all users upgrade to this version as soon as you are able.

AWSOM Pixgallery updated to 4.6.1

Hi everyone,
AWSOM Pixgallery has been updated to version 4.6.1. and is available for download from the Pixgallery product page. This version changes the behavior of the “remove text under thumbnails” setting to display the names of folders, but not show names under the images. (this was a big requested change). It also makes a change so that showing the breadcrumb is the default setting in Pixgallery options (this was mistakenly set the opposite way in the previous release).

AWSOM Pixgallery 2.6.0 released

Hi Everyone,
AWSOM Pixgallery 2.6.0 has been released and is now available through the WordPress Plugin repository, through Auto-upgrade, or from the website.

Some of the new features for this version is the switch to a Visual Editor compatible gallery code (don’t worry, the old code still works though), persistent and customizable front end language and CSS changes, and some other bug fixes and minor updates.

AWSOM Pixgallery Beta 2 now available

I’ve uploaded a new beta version of AWSOM Pixgallery version 4.6.0 that can be downloaded here. This version of the plugin adds in the new custom language capability. By editing the pixgallery_lang.php file you can change the display of all of the nav elements of the plugin. Additionally you can place a copy of this file into a new folder called custom_language so that updates to the plugin do not erase any of your changes.

I also made a small bug fix to correct an issue where the next/previous archive nav elements did not appear in the proper place, and they now follow the option for “extra nav bars” and appear at the bottom of the thumbnail gallery if this option is turned on in Pixgallery settings.

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