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A reminder of why Beta software is called that

I just wanted to let everyone know that the AWSOM Pixgallery 4.4.4 Beta has an issue in regard to one of it’s new features: Custom Gallery thumbnail images. Basically I didn’t add in the correct code to enable this properly, so if you use the “pxggalleryimage” image file name using the same image type (jpg, png, gif) in multiple folders you will get the same image as the thumbnail in all of them. (but, if you use 3 different file types, one gif, one png, and one jpg you will get different images and it will work right for 3 folders).

DOH! I left out the code to select the correct image for each folder to be different. Nothing else is affected though, so if you weren’t trying to use this feature there aren’t any issues and you won’t have any thumbnail problems. So hold off on using this feature (unless you only want to set 1-3 folders with custom images) until I get the corrected code into a new Beta. I’ll post here when it’s updated.

Sorry about that, just another reminder of how Beta means exactly what it is, unfinished.

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