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AWSOM News Announcement plugin updated to 1.3.3

November 26th, 2007 by harknell

A news version of the AWSOM News Announcement plugin for WordPress (version 1.3.3) is now available for download from it’s product page. This new version features a usability upgrade: When an admin or “Manage Options” level user is logged into the site they will see an “Edit News Post” link on the page that will allow them to go directly to the Manage AWSOM News admin page to edit the news post.

Posted in AWSOM News, Software Updates, Wordpress Plugins | 5 Comments »

5 Responses to “AWSOM News Announcement plugin updated to 1.3.3”

  1. Is it just me or does this plugin replace the domain name with “../” for hyperlinks?

  2. harknell says:

    I’m not sure in what context you mean this? The plugin itself shouldn’t actually change anything that you type into it, it doesn’t actually process the text entered other than save it. Do you have this up on your site so I can look at what’s happening? Please post a link to it and I can check it out.

    One other possibility: are you using the visual editor? Maybe that is doing something funky with relative linking?

  3. Yeah, I was using the visual editor. I disabled it and the plugin no longer rewrites my hyperlinks. Strange thing is, the visual editor worked just fine on the previous version of WP. I tested it on my development site (which still runs the previous version of WP) with no issues. Go figure. :(

  4. harknell says:

    Hmmm, very weird. Have you had any issues using the visual editor in posts or pages? It’s actually the same editor, I just hook into it and have it display and work in my plugin. I’ll take a look at my dev site and see if I see anything weird.

  5. Nope. Haven’t heard or run into any issues with the vis editor. Well, thanks for looking into it. Not a priority. :)