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AWSOM News Announcement Plugin Updated to Version 1.5.0

January 13th, 2009 by harknell

Hi Everyone, The AWSOM News Announcement Plugin for WordPress has been updated to version 1.5.0 and is available for immediate download from the website. This new version now has support for date based display of News posts (so only have the post display during certain dates, or starting until/after a certain date) as well as display tracking of posts (So you can see how many times a post has been viewed–great for when you set posts to be displayed only for certain groups of users). One other important update is the change of the Plugin folder to be compatible with the WordPress auto-update/installer function–So if you already have the plugin installed please note that you will need to remove the older folder called awsomnews and replace it with the new folder called awsom-news-announcement.

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13 Responses to “AWSOM News Announcement Plugin Updated to Version 1.5.0”

  1. Dword says:

    With the latest upgrade that came in this week for Awsom-News Plugin, I got the following error message on my page where I’ve got the code that is used to display my news announcement. There is the error message, and then the News announcement shows ok right below the error message. The plugin was working fine for a long time, until the 1.5.0 upgrade. Now the error message says:

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for display_my_news_announcement() in /home6/username/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/awsom-news-announcement/awsomnews.php on line 111

    Can you help? Thank you.

  2. harknell says:

    Hi, you need to update your theme code. The new version has support for multiple locations, so this required a small alteration of the theme code to work. If you look at the admin page it lists an example of the new code so simply replace your original code with this and the error will go away.

  3. Mandeep Patel says:

    Hi there,

    Have a question for you, I have WP 2.7… using this plugin.. when I create an announcement, it says news post created successfully but nothing happens…

    Here is what I am putting in the fields and details to the settings I have…

    Display Name: announcement name
    Order Position: 1
    Who can view: everyone
    What location? : default location
    Start and End date:0

    Put the news in the text field…then

    In General Option here are my settings…
    Visual Editor: yes
    css: field empty
    PHP: NO
    Index Page: yes
    Post Editing: administrators only
    Support: yes

    Then what is going on??? the news are not being posted… anything related to database?

  4. harknell says:

    Hi Mandeep,
    I’m not sure exactly what is going on. Do you mean a new post is not saved? (so you input it then press update and it doesn’t show up in the admin page listing of news posts? Or do they get saved but they aren’t showing up on your index page?

    If they aren’t showing up on the index page (but appear in the list in your admin page) Please post a link to your site or send me an email using the contact form with a link. I’ll need to see the page to see the behavior.

  5. Mandeep Patel says:

    the post are not getting saved… once I type a post.. it says that the post has been created… but it doesnt show up in the admin page where the post are suppose to be listed.

  6. Mandeep Patel says:

    and if I use genki announcement the post shows up fine… but I want to use this awsom announcement..

  7. harknell says:

    Hi, a new release of the plugin fixes this issue. Grab 1.5.1 from the site or auto-upgrade .

  8. Becky R says:

    So I’ve used your tool to add an image to the top of my blog, but it doesn’t just put the image above the post, it also adds it to the top left.

    Here’s a screenshot:

    How do I fix? Thanks for your help!

  9. harknell says:

    Becky’s issue was related (I believe) to the default location setting. It required using a theme code instead of using this setting.

  10. Shekira says:

    Hi there,

    Great plugin! Is there a way to make the admin tool for this appear to other users than Administrators? I would like to make this visible to an Editor but it doesn’t show up when an Editor is logged in. This would be super helpful!


    • harknell says:

      Hi Shekira,
      If you go to the AWSOM News admin page and scroll to the bottom you’ll see a selection of options avaialble to alter the plugin. One of which allows you to set what level of user can see and alter the news posts. Currently it lets admins (default setting), editors, or authors have access. So set this to allow editors access and update the options and you can do exactly what you want.

  11. Shekira says:

    Duh! Sorry! I didn’t scroll all the way down. Thanks!